Does Condom Cause Infection in Girl’s Vagina?

How many people would know that condoms do not guarantee protection against STD (sexually transmitted diseases)? However, most people do know that having unprotected sexual intercourse without a condom can increase the chance of having STDs. It is true that infections can be passed from one partner to another during oral, anal or vaginal sex. However, there are other ways by which the risk of infection can be increased. Let us discuss some ways in which condom does not guarantee protection against STD.

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When you wear a condom, it can reduce the friction between your penis and the vagina. This reduces the amount of friction and prevents the exchange of fluids. Thus, the risk of having an STD is reduced. However, the decrease in friction does not mean that there is no longer excitement because you have to put on and remove your condom. You will still have to do the “green” thing when you have sex: have safe sex.

In answer to the question – “Does condom cause infection in a girl’s vagina?” – the answer is NO. The use of a condom is not a sure-shot guarantee that you will not acquire an STD. Of course, having a healthy body means having a healthy mind also. Always practice safe sex and you can lower the chances of getting STDs.

The use of condoms has brought down the number of deaths related to acquired STDs. However, this does not mean that the usage of condoms is entirely safe. There have been reports of the following events: blood transfusion, meningitis, cervical cancer and even death due to the transmission of HIV/AIDS. If you engage in multiple sexual partners, always use condoms and you will be quite safe.

Condoms do not just protect you from pregnancies and STD’s; they are also very helpful to eliminate the sensation that may lead to an infection inside your girl’s vagina. So when you decide to have anal sex, make sure that the condom is on. It is best that both the partner wears a condom since vaginal penetration requires more friction than anal sex.

Do not get too excited when you are going to have anal sex and think that you can give it to your partner without any protection. This is not the case. Use a condom and take one to two days to see if the infection has gone away. If not, see your doctor right away for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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