How Did I Have My First Experience With Casual Sex?

My first experience with casual sex was at the hands of a man I met at a friend’s house. This was my very first time engaging in non-consensually nude sex, and I found it incredibly exciting! For me, that was the highlight of my entire fifteen years of sexual adulthood.

It was the summer, and I had just moved from Alaska to Florida to live with my friend. He invited me to his house on a Saturday afternoon, and I was eager to hit the beach and have a good time with his friends. I had only gone barefoot in the showers before, so I figured I had nothing to lose. I was wrong.

When I arrived, I was immediately aroused by the attractive bodies lying around in the pool area. I was especially attracted to a Spanish girl who was bending over in a very provocative pose. Her shorts were cut so low I couldn’t see her bottom, and her high heels complemented her beautiful arches. I couldn’t help myself.

I sprinted towards her and wrapped my hand around her bare midsection. She moaned loud, and her face flushed red. I slid my tongue into her vagina as smoothly as I could, and she was so cute and beautiful. I rubbed my penis against her clitoris and felt a wave of pleasure wash over me. Her moan turned into an orgasmic cry as I pulled out and spunked her.

The next day, I couldn’t help myself. I slid my hand down my girlfriend’s abdomen and felt her muscles contract in response. It was not a sexual position, but I could feel her getting more aroused that time. It was my very first experience with casual sex!

I got dressed and headed to my first full service bathroom. As soon as I was in the shower, my erection shot out straight from my genitals. My hands and legs were soaked from my lovemaking. My face flushed red and I wanted to cover myself with towels to take a picture of this event, but I didn’t want to show my girlfriend that she was responsible for my lack of control. I quickly got dressed and headed to my car. I was going to go out on a wild-the-night!

On our way out my girlfriend asked if we could watch a movie at her house. Of course, why not! I parked the car outside her house while she slipped in after me, and we spent the entire evening watching movies. This was my first experience with casual sex! And let me tell you, it wasn’t what I expected.

Sure, I had orgasmed several times during the night, but when I woke up the next morning I couldn’t believe how tired I was. My brain kept telling me that I had soiled the bed the previous night. It actually made me wetter than before! That was my first experience with sex after my first wedding. Not a very good one, I must say.

Okay, back to bed. I got out of bed, groaning like a dog. My penis was so hard I was thinking about getting into the trash can and throwing it in there! My penis wasn’t even soft! (I think my balls are too big now).

But my point is that sex is supposed to be enjoyable. My first experience with casual sex was a lesson in how not to have fun. Oh, sure, I enjoyed myself immensely. And I think anybody that’s ever had any type of sex knows that you get a huge mental boost from experiencing fantastic sex. But did that temporary boost to give me a permanent mental boost?

No. In fact, my sex drive went flat. For the next two years I never had a real sex drive again. I did fool around with some other women later in life, but they were just as bad! After my first experience I decided that sex was only for the young and I am an old man now.

If you have your first experience with casual sex, don’t analyze why you lost your fire. It’s much more important to celebrate your accomplishment and to figure out how you can do it again. If it’s because you had to go out of your way and not have fun, then get back out there and have as much fun as possible! Enjoy!

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