Masturbation Benefits for Women

Do women masturbate more than men? This is the question that has plagued us for decades and still remains the number one dating question for many men. Surprisingly, despite our findings, the answer isn’t quite what you’d expect. We asked hundreds of women and nearly a hundred men this question. There doesn’t seem to be a single answer that can neatly fit into any category – most people just haven’t come up with a definitive answer.

For years we have been told by sexual researchers that masturbation is a healthy, normal, and desirable activity. Many people today think the same way. Men and women alike seem to believe that there is some innate predisposition towards masturbation that will automatically lead to a better sex life. However, other research suggests that women may have more control over their own sexual behaviors and the frequency and duration of their orgasms than men do. Even when reporting much less frequent masturbation behavior, male participants reported masturbating about as frequently as female participants, with only 24 percent of women masturbating a minimum two times a week, compared to 38 percent of men.

Despite these seeming similarities between the sexes, there are actually several differences between how men and women masturbate. While both women and men experience a variety of different feelings during and after intercourse, the patterns of orgasm among both genders differ. Women may enjoy varying degrees of arousal prior to initiating the act of masturbation and may choose a particular masturbation technique depending on their mood and arousal levels. In addition, some men may use a combination of various techniques to achieve varying degrees of orgasm.

Overall, the top answer we received when asked if women masturbate more than men was “no.” When pressed, most people guessed that they masturbate at least once a month with the majority claiming to do it once a day or even once a week. In addition, many people believe that most women masturbate in order to solve problems in their sex life such as a lack of interest or arousal in the opposite sex, or to avoid having sex with someone who they find unattractive. In short, the vast majority of women masturbate for their own self-esteem and personal pleasure rather than resolve problems with their sex life.

Next, we asked whether girls masturbate more than boys. Surprisingly, the answer was a resounding yes! Surprisingly enough, over half of all girls masturbate at some point, and this number increases to two out of every three girls when they reach puberty. Most of the time, girls masturbate to achieve sexual arousal; however, some girls may also use masturbation to enhance their sex toys or to spice up their lovemaking. In addition, some girls may masturbate to relieve stress from school or work, to prepare for an upcoming date, or to help them relax after a long day at work.

Next, we asked the girls if they think that they receive any sexual benefits from masturbating. Surprisingly, the answer was a resounding yes! Although masturbation does not directly provide physical pleasure, most girls admit to feeling sexy and to having increased sexual desire, which is what they seek most of all when they masturbate. Therefore, we would argue that most girls enjoy masturbating to increase their level of intimacy with their partner, to strengthen their relationship, to learn more about their own body, to explore and enhance their sexuality, and to experience lovemaking. By knowing the benefits of masturbation, you can then turn it into a fun learning experience.

Finally, we asked the girls if they could pinpoint any particular moments or circumstances that led to an orgasm. Surprisingly, the answer was a resounding yes! Some girls said that their first orgasm came during masturbation while trying to reach orgasm during sex. When a girl is able to reach orgasm, she said she felt an intense sense of satisfaction, like she got something out of the whole situation. This sense of satisfaction lasts for about 10 minutes, and then the orgasmic feeling wears off, leaving her in a state of mild desolation. This can then lead to another episode of over excitement, until the girl is in full orgasmic mode again.

As you can see, there are many benefits to masturbation, and it is a great way to enhance intimacy with your significant other. It also gives girls an outlet to feel good about themselves when they feel their beauty is lacking in the bedroom and gives them the power to make themselves feel better about themselves. So, if you feel that you lack the self-confidence or control over your urges to masturbate, it is a great way to get back in control of yourself and improve your confidence in the bedroom.

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