No condom, No Sex: A Sex Story

Can you imagine a porn star giving fellatio to a man with no condom on and say “How could I possibly say yes when I know you just have a condom on?” Of course you can imagine that and more adult films are making use of this situation to titillate the audience. But is the story of a LasVegas sex worker different? Yes. This is one of the things that make the adult film industry so popular.

When we think of sex workers in the Global South, we tend to think of them as miserable women who are forced into prostitution by men. But this is not always the case. There are many good sex workers who have been targeted for being treated as less than human. The no condom clause in the condom business started in the US. But it has spread into other countries and prostitution has become normal in some of the poorer parts of the world.

In countries like the Dominican Republic and Haiti, the women are forced to work in brothels. They do not have the option of buying condoms. If they do not, they will be exposed to diseases like HIV/AIDS. That is why they cannot be called cheap condoms. Many of them have lost their lives trying to find condoms and bringing them to market.

What is the story of a LasVegas sex workers? They are forced to sleep with men that they would not normally have sex with. They are unprotected and the consequences are often deadly. The answer lies in using a condom. It does not matter if she is married or not.

So the question remains – What is the story of a LasVegas sex workers and a no condom and no sex for sale? Well, there is a lot of corruption in the sex industry. The police are often corrupt. The pimps and prostitutes themselves may be involved in human trafficking and may even have one or two underage girls on their payroll.

What is the story of a LasVegas sex workers and a no condom and no sex for sale? Well, it is a sad one. Some say it is a form of slavery. And it is just getting worse.

The government wants to put in place a system where all establishments selling sexual services are required to have a no condom policy. So where does that leave the people that work for these places? They are stuck. They can not work anywhere without protection. But where is the line drawn?

Well, a line has been drawn with all the establishments that offer prostitution. If you sell sexual services and you do not provide a no condom and no sex for sale, you are going to get shut down. That means that there is no money in the business. There is no reason to stay in business. That is the sad truth.

Many women that choose to sell sex or those that work at places that offer it are threatened with prosecution. That means that their clients are going to have no condom and no sex. That is a sad reality. It is no better than the world in which women were forced to live with the disease or be subject to horrid acts of violence.

Where is the logic in the law that says a no condom and no sex sign must remain on the premises? Is the government going to close down all adult entertainment businesses because a couple of customers want to use a no condom and no sex service? It just doesn’t make any sense. And it is a slippery slope that will only get worse as our children become more sexually promiscuous.

There have been some great organizations set up to help educate people about safer sex. Some of these include Sex Education Now, formerly known as Sexual Health Education Action Fund. They continue to educate people about contraceptives and sexual health in general. One of their many campaigns includes the story of a Las Vegas sex worker who was prosecuted for selling a condom to a customer.

This particular story goes out to the world and reminds us that no matter where we go there will always be people who prey upon those that don’t know better. This is especially true in our own country. But it is also true abroad. The story of a Las Vegas sex workers might not have changed anyone’s mind about Condoms, but at least it has encouraged those that have no idea what they are getting into to take a look before they leap. Think on this.

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