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Why Do Men Like To Cum In A Woman’s Mouth?

Naturally, the climax of sex for every man is ejaculation. And every man wants to ejaculate somewhere. A significant percentage of men want to ejaculate in the mouth of their partners. Ask any man about it and he will tell you that nothing feels pleasurable than ejaculating in the mouth of a woman especially when the woman wants the man to. The experience is more satisfying when the woman sucks the penis gently for some minutes after the man ejaculates. This is an experience that every man lives to remember.

Unfortunately, not many women are talented at the art of giving a blow job and having men cum in their mouths. That’s why there are so many men booking European escorts whose service packages include blow jobs. With an experienced model, you are guaranteed to enjoy an experience that most ordinary women can’t offer.

Intense Experience

Ejaculation is preceded by stimulation of the penis. To cum in a woman’s mouth, she has to most likely use her mouth to provide this stimulation. The climax of this stimulation is ejaculation which gives an intense experience. Your body convulses and writhes in extraordinary ways. What follows this experience is the release of the most private and intimate excretions.

Upon this release, your body gets into aggressive fit-full spurts. Each spurt can be described as the release of hormones and chemicals that sends a man to the moon. Many men want to cum in a woman’s mouth because it is restricted and closed. Ejaculating against the resistance created by the mouth provides an awesome feedback due to the squeezing around the penis.

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